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Joah Love Kids Mask in Grey with Pink Trim

Joah Love Kids Mask in Grey with Pink Trim

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In collaboration with JOAH LOVE, for every 10 masks we sell, our distributor will donate 1 mask to a local Canadian hospital, shelter or healthcare institution

Are these medical grade N95 masks?? Absolutely not. Will these help you keep your germs to yourself when you sneeze/cough, and keep you from touching your face? Absolutely yes. It's for your peace of mind and those around you too. In other countries, wearing masks has been a way of life out of courtesy to others and we hope it becomes a part of our culture here in CANADA.


WHY MASKS?: According to researchers at Cambridge University, using 100% cotton masks captured 71% of 1 micron particles. 

DESCRIPTION: You know our soft cotton tees? Consider this a T-shirt for your face. They’re made of the same soft cotton knitted in Los Angeles, doubled for an extra layer of protection. They're machine washable, reusable masks that you can wear year-round for style or to help keep your germs to yourself. They're designed with an ergonomic shape to allow for easy breathing and speaking for maximum comfort. The updated versions are one size fits all and has adjustable ties anyone can fit around the ears. 

DISCLAIMER: These are not “medical grade” masks. These are simply a step in the right direction to help further our efforts as a community to stop germ particles from spreading to others. Due to the masks being hand-made sizes may slightly vary. 

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Joah Love Kids Mask in Grey with Pink Trim